Endo Moshi

Noted Courtier of the Mantis Clan.


Endo is obviously very good at the mercantile practices of trade and commerce, just one look at his copious amounts of jewellery will tell you that he is fabulously wealthy.
He wields a Kusarigama chain weapon in the place of a katana.


Endo hails from the matriarchal, sun goddess worshipping Moshi Family. His background impelling the kami of the waves, wind and clouds to speed the passage of whatever Mantis ship he’s been on has had mixed success.
All of the Mantis Clan are driven to prove themselves and eliminate threats, but Endo is particularly jealous in his nature.

Endo’s retinue is comprised of Eri Yoritomo his Bushi and Tenji Kitsune, his Attendant Shugenja.

Endo Moshi

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